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Professional Solution

ElderOn ​solutions are revolutionizing geriatric care. Nursing homes with the ElderOn system for work optimization require less staff, ​decreasing the total labor costs​.

ElderOn Professional


Vital Sense: The ElderOn Vital sense is a bed sensor that is placed underneath the mattress where it detects residents presence, movement, heart rate and respiration.

Power Sense:The ElderOn Power sense is an electrical power sensor. The sensor detects the residents routine like watching TV, cooking, turning lights on and off etc.


Collected data is processed with our advanced algorithms that learn the habits of each individual resident. As residents differ, so do the algorithms that alert the staff. By adapting to each resident we decrease the number of false alarms.


When our algorithms detect a potentially risky situation like night time wandering, change of routine, inactivity or just detecting a riski trend in vital functions of the resident, ElderOn system will notify the staff.

Why should you choose our solution?

Save money

Do more with less staff and decrease the total labor costs.

Be more efficient

Your staff's time is being wasted on tasks that our system can take over. Invest that time into personal relationships with your residents, they deserve it.

Adaptable and self learning

Our self learning system adapts to the residents and notifies the staff about any potential risky situation.

Easy installation

Place the Vital Sense under the mattress and you are ready to go and plug the Power Sense to the power meter. If needed, our professionals are always at your disposal.

React in time

Our system detects changes in trends early enough for appropriate measures to be taken.

ElderOn solutions are…
… revolutionizing geriatric care.

Select the right package for your needs, or contact us and we will help you.

Vital Sense

The ElderOn Vital Sense bed sensor is placed underneath the mattress where it detects residents presence, movement, heart rate and respiration. It uses the WIFI connection to send encrypted data to our information system.

Key features of the Vital sense sensor include:

  • Presence, movement, heart rate and respiration monitoring.
  • Works with all types of mattresses.
  • Easy installation, just place it underneath the mattress.
  • Night time monitoring – wandering.
  • Residents that cannot leave the bed on their own – restlessness.
  • Detects trends in vital functions like: losing weight, losing sleep, changes in HRV, changes in breathing rhythm and others.
  • WiFi connection to send encrypted data.

Power Sense

The ElderOn Power sense is an electrical power sensor that is placed either directly to the electrical power meter or on main power lines leading to the residents home or department. Power sensor uses advanced algorithms to analyze residents power consumption and recognizes individual appliances like TV, oven, water heater, etc. Power sense is designed to follow the daily routine of the resident and detect any bigger deviations from that routine.

Key features of the Power sense sensor include:

  • Works with smart electrical meters or connects directly to the power lines.
  • Appliance recognition.
  • Uses WIFI or NB-IoT mobile network with SIM card when WIFI is not in range.
  • Easy installation.
  • Suitable for residents in home care or residents with their own apartment.
  • Detects daily routines and alerts and deviations.

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Not convinced?

You can try out our system for free! We will provide you with a complete system which you can try for 30 days completely free of charge. You will also receive a separate alarming system, so you do not have to do any integration for the test. Contact us!

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