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About us

ElderOn system was developed to optimize the care system in nursing homes. Our vision is to create added value to nursing homes and its residents. We use advanced self-learning algorithms that transform plain data into service. For that purpose, we created the adaptable safety system for nursing homes called ElderOn. Our aim is to improve the safety of residents and support the staff in their daily routine. The company core are our highly motivated and talented professionals in the fields of electronics, software, machine learning and geriatric care.

With the knowledge gained from our professional solutions, we are developing services also for home usage. Ease your mind and use ElderOn system.

Learning is our core value. We like designing products and services for you. Let us know the problems you are facing, suggestions or ideas. We would love to hear them and provide a better service to you.


Jernej Ženko M. Sc.


Patrik Kokol M. Sc.


Urška Gačnik

Electronics Team Leader

Klemen Cvetko M. Sc.

Mechanics Team Leader

Daniel Felkar B. Sc.

Software Team Leader

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sebastijan Šprager

Industrial Design

Blaž Črnič B. Sc.